Eating the Wrong Meal: Part 12 - by Winte by Charem

Eating the Wrong Meal: Part 12 - by Winte


15 April 2017 at 12:50:24 MDT

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(Being a Japanese comic, keep in mind that this reads from right to left. ;3)

The plush, hot, slimy feel of the Lugia's tongue soon encompassed Charem's senses...the slick and soft maw-muscle almost feeling...nice!

...'Nice', that is, if it wasn't under the control of a voracious Lugia!

The Charmeleon attempted to slip to one side, but the tongue curled back effortlessly, trapping him from both sides against the drool-covered muscle. The Lugia was simply toying with him, tasting him, and letting his scale shine all over with that thick saliva... Of course, a hungry Pokemon only teases so long. The tongue drew back, dragging the reptile deeper into that cavern, and close to that massive, gaping hole of a throat entrance...

SNAP! Those Lugian jaws shut tightly right after, sealing the firelizard within the legendary's digestive system. A single, almost 'weak' swallow was made soon after, sinking Charem into that tunnel of a throat... Descending him into darkness...

He barely even bulged out the Lugia's neck on his quick decent, and did not at all bulge the beast's belly as he dropped into it. He was just a simple morsel of food now, almost already forgotten by the legendary, who now already thought of the next creature they would eat.

That Growlithe... Charem knew that he had eaten the wrong meal.


This was a delightful comic that a very kind person over from drew up for me, that I admittedly and ashamedly didn't actually notice for a good year! This was mostly due to how my previous computer really had a screwed-up OS, and would not display and sometimes crash on certain foreign characters, including Japanese. And pixiv happens to be a Japanese I had to stay away from it for a little while.

The artist of this is Winte, and this comic came out from a conversation I had with them via a note a while back. I don't actually know Japanese, but I was able to translate semi-well with Google Translate, which allowed for an amiable conversation. ^^

Thanks again Winte! :3