Eating the Wrong Meal: Part 2 - by Winte by Charem

Eating the Wrong Meal: Part 2 - by Winte


15 April 2017 at 12:48:30 MDT

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(Being a Japanese comic, keep in mind that this reads from right to left. ;3)

Charem the Charmeleon, meanwhile, was also about in the grassy field. The chubby lizard was, to the surprise of nobody, quite hungry, his belly grumbling from its emptiness. He was hunting, he was, looking for just the right snack to eat...

Suddenly, the long grass rustled and shook, some mysterious creature quickly approaching!

This was a delightful comic that a very kind person over from drew up for me, that I admittedly and ashamedly didn't actually notice for a good year! This was mostly due to how my previous computer really had a screwed-up OS, and would not display and sometimes crash on certain foreign characters, including Japanese. And pixiv happens to be a Japanese I had to stay away from it for a little while.

The artist of this is Winte, and this comic came out from a conversation I had with them via a note a while back. I don't actually know Japanese, but I was able to translate semi-well with Google Translate, which allowed for an amiable conversation. ^^

Thanks again Winte! :3