How to Properly Stuff an Umbreon: Part 10 - by IF by Charem

How to Properly Stuff an Umbreon: Part 10 - by IF


15 April 2017 at 12:44:20 MDT

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(Alternate clean version:

As Charem poked his nose past the Umbreon's jawline, he couldn't help but blush. Flame, still unsure about this whole 'eating your host' thing, was nonetheless panting and drooling hard - and the dank, hot, food-flavored breath easily washed over the Charmeleon's face. The heat of course did not bother the fire-type at all, and instead only encouraged him deeper into those hot depths...

The Charmeleon bunched his legs up atop the Umbreon's belly, nestling up as high as he could comfortably step. Wriggling his shoulders about, they soon popped into the fattened Pokemon's maw-space, his paws already sunken into the dark-type's wet throat. Charem's vision grew dimmer as he stuffed his head inside as well, feeling his 'bree-friend begin to relax more as the fox instinctively - and hungrily - lapped over his face.

...Oh boy. x3 This is an epic 16-part commission I bought from   imperfectflame a fair while back, involving him and me, fattening, vore, and just awesomeness! This was before Flame tweaked his Pokeform to be a Flareon/Umbreon hybrid, just to explain why he isn't his Dark/Fire self here. ;3

This is possibly one of the most-fun comic commissions I've gotten. <3 REALLY love how everything turned out...and I hope you guys do too! ^^

I was pondering if I should submit these as comic pages rather than post individually, but the size of some of the panels (in addition to how much art of this style suffers if it's shrunken down) made me decide against that idea. As such, I apologize to your guys' inboxes, and hope you'll forgive me for slightly filling it out. XD Also, a lot of parts of this have two versions: messy and clean (in regards to the food and eating). I submitted the messy versions because they're more fun imo, but I'll also out-link to the alternate 'clean' versions when applicable. :3