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Charem, Part of a Balanced Breakfast! - by imperfectflame by Charem

Charem, Part of a Balanced Breakfast! - by imperfectflame


(Story written by me, polished by :iconGuan:.)

Breakfast is a very important meal. We call it this due to its combination of 'break' and 'fast', for we break from a fast right after a long sleep with no food. Also since it's the meal you need to have kick-start you for your whole day, it's a little less problematic if your breakfast is a little greasy and fatty - those extra calories will give you more energy for the day's events!

Naturally, a certain Charmeleon knows the importance of a good breakfast too...

Charem was familiar with the concept of being shrunken. After all, his dear master Guan had given him a potion that allowed him to become no bigger than a mouse. He had used it in the past to sneak into a rather-renowned pizza place, attempting to steal away a pizza when the potion wore off... [url=]Of course, that's another story entirely.[/url]

Things had not gone to plan with the pizza pilfering, but he quickly learned from the experience that a delicious meal is 100 times more blissful when you're small enough to bask atop it, particularly when every 'little' ingredient is more than a mouthful for your tiny jaws... Of [i]course[/i] he wanted to experience another meal that way. Something decidedly different than a pizza...

The fiery lizard was never that good at waking up early in the morning--or really anytime in the morning for that matter--but occasionally he would hop out of bed all bright and scaly-tailed at a nice and early hour, generally before most others were awake and before the sun had climbed out from behind the horizon. For being such an energetic creature, Charem was also quite chill at times, and it was on these early mornings that he often felt like going on a peaceful walk through town.

One such morning was especially brisk, and so the Charmeleon picked out an old coat his master often wore. It was a bit big on his smaller frame, of course, but that was fine; it covered him down to his ankles quite nicely and protected his body from the cold yet energizing air. His walk was uneventful enough; the only signs of life up and about were a few cars puttering down the roads of the city, along with a few birds singing morning songs.

Then all of a sudden, he smelled heaven!

A veritable smorgasbord of greasy, hot, fresh, wonderful scents flooded his nostrils with the delightful aromas, causing his nose to incline and his eyes to practically flutter toward them. Soon, he came upon the front of a little side-street diner, a real 'mom and pop' sort of place. The glass windows let him look in and see a large number of patrons for such an early time in the morning, all well-engrossed in their various delicious-looking breakfasts. On the right, a tubby Nidoking, virtually inhaled several plates of glistening hot hash-browns and gravy. Across from him, a laid-back Abra sipped a rich, steaming coffee with a newspaper laid over his crossed legs. And in the opposite corner among a concealed group, an orange-spotted Bulbazard contented himself with chomping down on a specialty sandwich of sorts of golden toast and runny eggs, held by his flexible vines. There were other customers as well, eagerly anticipating their coming meals; really, the diner was quite packed for such a small business.

Already the Pokémon’s mind was made up: he wanted a good meal himself! Only...did he have any money? A determined expression set on his face, he began searching the pockets on his master’s coat, unsure of its contents. Wait...there! His left paw had certainly found something, though it didn’t feel like money... Glass? He pulled it out curiously, examining a little corked vial full of an opaque turquoise liquid. He shook it, sloshing the contents about for a moment. This looked familiar...

Aha! A triumphant grin collected on the reptile’s snout, teeth gleaming in the morning light. That’s right...he remembered EXACTLY what this was. He didn’t know that Master had whipped up any more of this stuff, but perhaps he wasn’t surprised he was never told. Guan probably knew too well that the Charmeleon would be tempted to get into more mischief with the potion... How right that assumption was!

Giggling to himself, he re-pocketed the drink and slipped around the corner of the diner, spotting a back entrance to the business--undoubtedly this was an employees-only door. Quietly he tried the doorknob and was pleased to find it unlatched. Still, if he were just to waltz right in... No, that’d get him caught. Instead, he opened the door just a crack before picking up a medium-sized rock nearby and wedging it against the door frame. There, now the door would remain just a hair open, likely without anybody noticing...hopefully!

Charem leaned against the wall, procuring the vial once more. Taking a deep breath in preparation, he pulled the cork off with his teeth and guzzled the potion down in a single good gulp, the liquids to his belly immediately beginning to gurgle and churn.

He waited for what seemed to be several minutes before a tingle fell over his form. He noticed his Master’s coat, big as it was, was suddenly becoming much bigger...just as planned! As the fabrics began to bury him more and more, the Charmeleon climbed out from the collar of the coat, struggling to escape the growing weight, before finally freeing himself and standing on the ground next to the mountain of coat.

Thus shrunk to micro proportions, the very tiny charmeleon stared up at the diner building, which now stood as a massive monolith, and shook his head to clear his dizziness--there was always a bit of vertigo associated with becoming only a few inches tall! Along with this moment of collection, the smells of cooking foods wafting from the cracked back door helped to refocus Charem on his mission.

He moved quietly, climbing the now-huge rock he had placed in the doorway, and hopping down to the smooth tiled floor inside. Fortunately the kitchen was directly in front of him, and the sounds of many things cooking and grilling was music to the hungry Pokémon’s ears. He padded quietly up next to a cabinet of dishes, scanning the clean and active kitchen area.

At the moment there was only a single chef, a Luxray, wearing nothing more than a cooking hat, apron, and blue collar. The cook was working the numerous bubbling pots and sizzling stoves, a large undertaking even for those experienced at cooking. The lion seemed to have everything under control though, reflecting a level of energy well-suited to an electric Pokémon like he was, expertly showing his skill with stirring sauces, flipping sausages, and mixing pancake batters. The diminutive Charmeleon also noticed the thick layer of paunch the cook had, his blue stomach jiggling as he darted around between his culinary project. This sight encouraged a big grin from the reptile; one could always trust the food of a fat cook!

Charem watched as a massive platter of pancakes and butter was stacked up by the chef before it was placed in the diner’s serving platform, an opening that entered into the main dining area. Quick as it was placed, it was snatched up by an efficient waiter, a tauric Breloom sporting a uncommon array of colors to his body.

“Table 5, Tizzy!” the Luxray bellowed without a turn of his head, keeping focused to the numerous other meals he was concocting. The mushroom-like Pokémon nodded and dashed off with the stack of buttery deliciousness, eager to offer a good and hot meal to another soon-to-be satisfied customer.

Certainly the tiny Charmeleon knew his goal was that serving counter, but his timing had to be impeccable so as not to get caught... His eyes darted around, attempting to find an easy way up to the surface. It was merely five feet off the ground, but that seemed like miles to his size now. Nevertheless it seemed that luck was on his side: a broom was leaned against the nearest end of the counter, angled well enough that even the pudgy lizard could hurtle up its neck.

After a double-check to make sure the Luxray was still engrossed in his projects, the micro skittered over to the broom, claws delicately clacking against the tiled ground as he went. The broom’s straw bristles were thankfully rather clean of dust and debris, risking no noisy sneezes from the reptile as he crawled up to the broom handle. The neck of the broom was wooden and wide, allowing Charem to dig his claws into it and slowly scale the grained surface, not unlike climbing a tree’s trunk though much easier what with the incline. Even so, the not-terribly-fit reptile was panting as he reached the countertop, flopping behind a stack of clean plates sitting there to catch his breath...and to wait.

Sure enough, the Luxray turned around, grabbing a plate from the stack without seeing the sneaky Charmeleon behind them. The fire-type watched as the lion milled about in front of the stoves, collecting together a mix of sausages and eggs. Charem’s eyes went wide as the plate was returned to the middle of the serving counter, gazing longingly at the glistening stack of sausages as their juicy greases spread across the bottom of the plate. The eggs wobbled dangerously yet deliciously, the sunny-side-up delights just barely keeping their large yolks contained from spilling out. And to top it all off, the electric cook turned around once more carrying a pot full of a brown, spicy gravy to be generously ladled out, a mound of the steaming sauce slathering over the sausages and causing the hot meats to sizzle even louder and shine even slicker than before!

“Table 2!” the lion called out to his waiter, who was busy in far section of the restaurant helping another customer. The Breloom would undoubtedly return soon to pick up the delectable plate, but Charem simply could not resist...this was his moment!

Soon as the Luxray turned back to his next project, the Charmeleon dashed out from behind the plates, running on all fours to the moist, greasy dish in front of him. As he hopped up onto the warm plate, he could see the mushroom waiter hustling back... How could he elude the waiter without aborting his goal?? Quickly Charem lifted up an edge of one of the eggs, slipping his body under the slick whiteness. This would be a good-enough hiding spot...right?

Tizzy the waiter looked quizzingly at the new plate of food as he approached the counter, hesitating as he examined the oddly-bulging egg, its yolk having broken and begun to ooze down the side of the egg. It was of course strict policy not to touch a customer’s food, but he wondered what was under there...

“Uh, Renton.” the Breloom spoke up. “Is there something wrong with this order? It -”

“The order’s fine, I checked it already! Table 2!” the Luxray interrupted, less rude than insistent, not one to be deterred from keeping each meal coming at a fast and focused pace.

“Uh--okay.” Tizzy knew better than to argue with his boss, especially when the lion was in such a busy and focused rhythm. He was an excellent cook, after all, and arguing with him about something he put together wasn’t a terribly wise idea.

Shrugging, the mushroom Pokémon picked the plate back up warily and proceeded the cart the meal off to the designated table. Table 2 was near the front window, in the corner, and Tizzy soon noticed the customer was not there; likely he had gone to use the restroom. Breathing a small sigh of relief, he placed the plate down at the customer’s side of the table. At least now he could sneak away before the customer noticed the strange least for the time being. He swear he noticed it move, but...maybe Renton simply misplaced one of the sausages under the egg? Mmh...perhaps he should just make a quite check...

“Hey, waiter! Where’s my fourth course?” the gruff Nidoking customer shouted across the room, the chubby beast having licked his last place clean. “I’m starvin’ over here!”

“S-sorry sir! Right away!” the taur stammered, trotting quickly over to assist the Nido, the urgency overwriting his previous thoughts.

Charem poked his head out from under the egg, watching the waiter’s plus-sized shroomy taur butt flex to and fro as he pranced off to wait on another customer. Excellent...! It was practically torture to be stuck under that wonderful egg without being able to even give anything a nibble lest he blow his hiding spot. A quick observation proved that the plate had been served to a currently-empty table; the Charmeleon now had his chance!

As the teeny reptile slipped out from under the egg, his back was drizzled by the hot yolk-juices from above -- not that he minded. His four feet splashed in the plate’s rising pool of gravy, which still oozed down from the stack of sausages, the Luxray likely having poured a little more gravy than necessary on the meaty links...not that this was a bad thing! Charem waggled his body as he brought a paw to his lips, sucking his hand clean of the sweet gravy before simply splashing it right back down in the greasy pool. H-homemade gravy, what a treat!

Eagerly the fiery Pokémon approached the criss-cross stack of sausages, purrbling as he rubbed his side against the slicked and hot links much like a cat. He didn’t care as his scales got shinier and messier; in fact, he was basking in the delight! But his idolizing of the delicious breakfast needed to end; his belly growled out a command: Eat!

Sitting on his haunches, Charem hugged his arms around one of the top links in the stack, grunting as he slowly slid the heavy meat from its perch. Sploosh! The sausage landed quickly into the gravy pool, droplets of mixed sauce splashing up and over the little scaly. He blushed at the mess he was making, normally more ‘dainty’ than this...but of course, he was ‘normally’ not this small either, and he couldn’t help but really ‘get into’ his meals now!

The Charmeleon’s claws sunk into the top of the sausage as he dragged it more to the middle of the plate before plopping belly-down onto the ceramic surface in front of one end of the link, studying his meal. He could simply chomp away at the piece of meat, but that seemed a bit...ordinary. He certainly wasn’t trying to have an ordinary meal, all things considered and his drooling lips grinned up as he thought of another idea...

His jaws stretched apart as he opened his mouth wide, slathering his tongue over the end of the link as he pushed his lips around it. The flavors were enough to make him swoon, moooaning out at the delicious taste! Greasy, fatty, meaty, and with JUST the perfect blend of sweet and spicy seasonings...! Refocusing, Charem dug his claws into the side of the sausage, making a strong effort to shove that delightful link right into his throat! He gulped hard, more meaty juices squeezing out of the moist meat as he did so, trickling down his gullet and gushing out his lips. It was nearly UNBEARABLY delicious, and he only needed...more! MORE!

The shrunken Pokémon relaxed all but his paws, which he demanded more powerful grabs and shoves from. It ached his arms, the link heavy and dense, but it was all soooo worth it, as the meat slid further and further down his throat... The stretch was immense, his body expanding out more and more as the sausage delved further, but the hot and tasty meal was more than welcome to take as MUCH space in him as it wanted!

Charem’s paws finally dropped tiredly down to the gravy-covered plate, spent and exhausted from the undertaking; he groped his fingers against the meaty link, but allowed them to rest... The effort had paid off quite well, the Charmeleon feeling the end of the meat pushing against the bottom of his stomach now! His belly churned happily around the portion inside of it, yet... He looked forward to see that he had only barely passed the middle point of his meal!

He growled in a predatory determination, almost like a wolf would when taking down a deer. He wasn’t about to stop now! He rolled to his side slowly, pivoting the unit of pork with him and raising up his higher leg. The sausage was expanding his body out almost comically, but finishing this meal as soon as possible was SERIOUS BUSINESS! His body now positioned more openly, the Charmeleon focused his gulps to GLRRRK deeply and ease the meat deeper into his body...regardless of if there was ‘room’ inside! He gritted his teeth quite literally down into the link between each gulp while doing his best not to bite clean through, not letting the pressure allow it to escape!

Slowly but surely, the reptile’s front expanded even further out than before as the sausage compressed in his gut. He winced as it began to stretch his belly out farther, stretching his gut past his crotch and tail; the dense pork held its shape admirably, forcing the little Pokemon’s body to adapt to its shape rather than the other way around! All the while the absorbent meat sloshed out more fatty juices into Charem’s expanding belly, as if only to egg him on. The Chameleon put a paw to his groaning tummy and straightened body, rubbing it as only continued to expand with meaty bulges! He would get that whole link in his greedy body no matter who or what may come across his way in the process...he was SURE of it!...

Guzzle the Totodile stepped out from the Pokémen’s room, his paws still a bit damp from washing up. His meal had probably arrived by now, and the croc slurped his jaws just thinking about biting into those sausages he had ordered... He crossed his fingers that the chef had honored his request for LOTS of gravy topping, the little water-type having emphasized the ‘LOTS’ through a good deal of exaggerated arm motions as he had given his order to the Breloom-taur waiter. Sure, it was hardly healthy, but nobody came to this diner to eat healthy food! And besides, his water gun could always use more moisture in it, right?

Paying no heed to a taur breloom waiter running frantically around the diner attending patrons with a slightly higher-pitched voice than usual while stealing terrified glances at his table, the crocodile stepped bouncily back to his table, smiling as he observed there was indeed a plate in front of his seat! But his smile turned confused as he realized something tiny and orange was...eating one of his sausages?! The creature looked just like a Charmeleon, but Guzzle had never seen one that small before... Well, relatively speaking. The mini-lizard, though smaller than the links were, was mightily cramming an entire unit of pork down its obviously-hungry throat! And what’s more, the little fire-type was just about to succeed!

The Totodile, filled with curiosity though still perplexed over the oddity of the situation, simply sat down in front of his plate and watched. The tiny Chameleon seemed too focused in its task to notice his audience, the reptile giddily closing its jaws over the end of the massive meal...


Guzzle could hear that final swallow quite loudly, even from such a diminutive creature! The firelizard licked its little lips as its mouth clapped shut, a chirrbly burp echoing out from its gullet, before it rolled cutely onto its back. The Totodile still wasn’t sure what to make of the now-sausage-shaped Charmeleon as the footlong scaly wriggled and steeped into the gravy spread across the plate, blissfully oblivious to the totodile above him. Should he complain to the management about this? Entertaining as the strange show was, the orange little thief had devoured part of his meal...

Eventually opening his lazy eyes, the little lizard suddenly eep’d, now looking directly at the water-type. It had certainly taken a while for the oblong Charmeleon to notice him, and now the orange little creature was frantically attempting to get to its feet and lope away, from the looks of it... Guzzle grinned a bit as the sauce-covered Charsausage couldn’t quite manage the link’s weight and shape, instead flailing his legs like a beached whale.

A very tasty-looking beached whale, for that matter...

The Totodile shrugged, grabbing the Chameleon around its bulging waist, and watching as the creature attempted and failed to squirm away, the meaty link locking down most of its movement. There really was no reason for Guzzle to complain, considering his stolen sausage was still right in front of him...just surrounded by a rather-flavorful-looking reptile. Heck, now he had even more food than before!

Guzzle’s large crocodilian jaws loomed open, his teeth sporting strings of drool as he dropped the seasoned micro right atop his thick, soft tongue. Alarmed, the fiery lizard’s paws tried to grip and pull away from the maw-muscle, but the Totodile only encouraged it; after all, the tiny Poke’s digits and soles were simply drenched in the tasty gravy, and the motions of his wriggling meal only sunk the flavors deeper into his taste buds.

Closing his snout, the croc let out a deeply enamored rumble, pushing the special snack against the roof of his mouth. Eggy juices, meaty greases, thick gravy... The little reptile had already coated itself so very well in deliciousness, as if it had intended to get eaten in the first place! Whether it did or not? Well, that didn’t bother Guzzle one bit; a hungry Totodile is not one with whom to be trifled!

Saliva dripping from his lips, the water Pokemon tipped his head back, feeling the Charsausage roll down to the back of his tongue. A single, almost teasingly-delicate swallow was all it took. The flavor-slickened scaly tumbled into the Totodile’s hungry throat, slowly descending the slimy and squishy passage... Guzzle let out a small urp of his own as the exotic treat eventually settled into his cute croc-gut, feeling it rumbling in appreciation...and thus triggering motivation for more! Hardly one to argue with his stomach, the Toto eagerly armed himself with a nearby fork, skewering and shoveling more of the meal with abandon into his starving jaws.

“Ah... Any...trouble with the meal, sir...?”

Guzzle paused, looking up at the Breloom-taur who had very tentatively approached his table. The mushroom-Poke seemed nervous, his tauric legs shifting uncomfortably. Did he know about...?

“Trouble? What sort of trouble would I have with a meal from a great place like this?” Guzzle’s teeth gleamed as his sauce-covered snout turned up in a smile.

“Oh! Heh, well, I’m certainly not...ehm, that is, not to say... Of course, you shouldn’t be having any trouble... Haha...!” The tauric Pokemon remarked with a dismissive wave, not the most adept at adopting a poker face. “I simply wanted to make sure your meal ordered...?”

“Oh, well. Actually, it wasn’t, quite.” the Totodile teased, letting the Breloom wince for a moment before continuing. “I found a bit more food than I ordered, in fact. Quite a nice little bonus; it was very thoughtful of you to include such a treat!”

“Uh -- y-you’re quite welcome.” Tizzy smiled awkwardly, turning to leave his customer in peace. “S-sorry for interrupting! Enjoy your meal!...”

Clearing his throat, Guzzle gave a tap-tap to the taur’s ample backside as he moved to leave, slightly startling the jittery Breloom. “Oh, and, one last thing...?”


“Is there a mini Bulbasaur-wrapped sausage special I can sample for my next time here? Fire lizard can give me such gas...”

Yum-num-num. :3~ I commissioned my good friend :iconimperfectflame: of this very cute image a while back for a more-than-reasonable price. This adorable picture is a sequel to my antics in '[url=]Charem's Extra Meat Pizza[/url]'; this picture and that one are the start of a theme that I hopefully will make a continuous series of. Namely, a micro-ized Charem finding great joy in gorging and basking upon rather normal meals...which just so happen to be much larger and more fun to a tiny Charmeleon! <3

This picture's story was written up by me, and polished up by :iconGuan:. I naturally love to write stories for art I've received, and I've lately been going all-out with my literary skills. This story has quite a few guest stars as well, Pokefurs I invited into the plot just for fun; it was a lot more entertaining than using generic characters! Besides me, we have...

  • :iconSirnight777:’s Renton the Luxray, as the cook.
  • :iconSyrynn:’s Tizzy the Breloom-taur, as the waiter.
  • :iconGuzame:’s Guzzle the Totodile, as the main customer.
  • :iconkeeperofjunk: the Abra, as a BG customer.
  • :iconScapegoat02:’s Dio the tubby Nidoking, as a BG customer.
  • :iconTobos:’s Bulbazard, as a BG customer.

Hmm... I wonder what meal a micro-Charem should get into next... :3~