Charem and the Lunch Buffet: Pt 5 (Color) - by Anya & Mist by Charem

Charem and the Lunch Buffet: Pt 5 (Color) - by Anya & Mist


15 April 2017 at 12:20:46 MDT

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(Part 5 of 5.)

~ Several hours later... ~

The Charmeleon collapsed onto the corner booth, the seat creaking and shuddering from the scaly's giant body. It would have to survive the weight; there was no other place for the reptile to comfortably sit!

Charem reclined with a sigh and a burp, patting his thick gut, as it wobbled jelly-like in response. Finally, his stomach had calmed its cries, at long last satisfied with the myriad of yummy contents it contained...and it only took the restaurant's entire food supply to do it!

The flabby Pokemon wriggled about, every limb and section of his form much, much softer than they were when he had entered this wonderful place to dine. His tail wagged the best it could under the weight, the lizard quite satisfied and sated with the mere $5 he had $1.75 more for drinks to wash all that food down! (This goal took only a mere 537 and 1/2 glasses of soda.)

A receipt was laid onto his belly from a frazzled-looking server, who also promised a mode of transportation (wheelbarrow?) was being freely provided to the reptile very soon. He chirred happily to this kind offer, blissfully ignorant to how badly the staff wanted him out of their restaurant! All the Charmeleon cared about was the wonderful mix of delicious foods churning about in his massive tummy...!

...He would have to come back here sometime again! <3 <3

A while back,   AnyaDServal drew up this adorable 5-part set of images, showing just what a good time a pudgy firelizard can have at a buffet. n..n   jumpman92029 recently colored the whole set, doing a fantastic job not only making my character more colorful, but the environment as well. All in all, these pictures have never looked cuter! <3 Also, this comic was one of the original fatfur things I ever did, so it's nice to revisit it in full color. <=3

(For those who have trouble reading it, here's the most relevant information on the receipt...)

We Fill You Up!

The Nibbler's Shack
4004 Diner's Lane

Cashier: (Very, Very Fired...)
Customer: Charem


$5 AYCE (947 lbs food) $5.00
Soda $1.75
Tax $0