Mum's the Word...Candy's the Goal! - by JettAilchu & Forbic by Charem

Mum's the Word...Candy's the Goal! - by JettAilchu & Forbic


15 April 2017 at 12:01:21 MDT

The Egyptians sometimes embalmed their pets, hoping their companions would come with them to the afterlife. Many animals - from alligators to cats to birds - were given this 'privilege', but no-one knew that Charmeleons were included on that list...

That is, not until a Charmeleon-mummy rose from a dusty sarcophagus one fateful night of an excavation. Archaeologists on-site were breathless as the Poke'undead shambled towards them, frozen by the creature's overwhelming cuteness! Yes, it was a somber event, the researchers being assaulted by the mummy's merciless and quite-dusty slurps and licks. It was a miracle they got out in one piece...

But the Charmummy was never found. Some say it still wanders the deserts, looking for an unwary traveler to -savagely- cuddle against...! If you see the light of a dim flame, be warned...lest your fate be led to end up against, or even within, the creature's dry bandages...!

  JettAilchu-92 randomly decided to do a major edit of Forbic's image of me (, and turn me into something spooooky. <3 Absolutely adorably spooky, if anything! A perfect submission for a night like this. ;3 Happy Halloween everybody!

(As an aside, anybody who draws Charmummy voring somebody into his bandages will earn one million awesome points. Just an idea I'd like to entertain. :D)

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