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Feets and Bellies and Cuteness Oh My! - by Jammer, LB, & Me by Charem

Feets and Bellies and Cuteness Oh My! - by Jammer, LB, & Me


Charmeleons. Lots can be said about us. =3 Though one thing I've been able to clearly prove is how affectionate, adorable, and downright wriggly-cute we can be! ^^

...But, of course, that raises a good question. What happens when you get two affectionate, adorable, and wriggly-cute Charmeleons together? <=3

Jammeleon was a bright-eyed and bright-tailed firelizard who I met some months before. He was somewhat feral, sporting a slightly more active build than me...but much like me, he just oozed of cuteness. ^^

His beautifully-large and thick-padded feet quickly caught my attention, while my pillowy pudge quickly caught his! Exchanging a number of slurps and nuzzles to gain familiarity with one another, it didn't take me and my kin long to be rolling around on the sunny grass, cuddling up closely with one another. <3

The flexibility of our species is well-known, and the thinner Jammeleon had especially no trouble curling his body just right to plant his cheek firmly against my soft belly-fat, while still trapping my head between his two delightfully-sizable feet! I simply sprawled out belly-up (something my lazy self was always good at doing!), letting out a high-pitched, happy sigh as my long tongue snaked against his soles and between his thick toes... His digits wriggled and kneaded against my face and snout, causing me to blush in contentment. n..n My own toes flexed and stretched as I relaxed, rubbing the tops of Jammeleon's wonderful paws with my hands. I breathed in deeply to savor the leathery scents of his pads, squishing my stomach out against his face in the process... <3 <3

And thus the question is answered... This is what happens when you get two Charmeleons together. <3 A nearly-infinite mix of scaly, cuddly cuteness! Cuddling nirvana, if you will... ^.^

This absolutely wonderful picture was lined up by   JammerHighwind. ^^ I found Jammer's gallery here one day, and was immediately d'awww'd by the adorable and paw-centric arts he produced. I was particularly happy when I learned Jammer had made his own Pokesona - Jammeleon. He had chose a Charmeleon because, all things considered, we're an often-overlooked middle-evolution. (Since most consider Charmanders cuter, and Charizards more impressive.) Well, I obviously supported this decision... :3~ And suggested to Jammer that perhaps we could do a collaboration. Char-on-Char cuddlings! I was quite pleased when he said yes, as well. <3

I colored up this adorableness myself, but my flat-coloring abilities, while clean, didn't quite do Jammer's work justice. So I asked friend   LustBubbles if she could shade over things, which she gratefully agreed to do - and dang, did she do it well! She really made my coloration come alive, and basically perfected the picture as a whole. ^..^

My pawpad design is a little off in this picture (instead of one big cream paw-pad, I should actually have a pad on each toe, one on each heel, and one across each front of the sole), but I honestly rather like this pawpad design as well. n..n Still gonna stick to my 'old' design, but this is a lovely 'alternate' version too!

Thank you, Jammer and LB both, for working together with me to produce this wonderful picture. n..n As for the rest of you, I hope you enjoy the cuteness!

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