Pudging an Igwulf: Part 1 - by EyeCandy by Charem

Pudging an Igwulf: Part 1 - by EyeCandy


15 April 2017 at 11:54:59 MDT

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Reed is quite the adorable fellow. <=3 Besides being my bestest friend, he's also just the cutest creature. An igwulf is what he is, a species of his own detailed design... Igwulves are fuzzy and cute, but also very capable tree climbers and predators, with strong tails and muscles. Their appearance, soft and cuddly as they are, is quite deceptive of their formidable abilities.

...Well, assuming they're in moderately-decent shape, anyways. ;3

Reed's actually been gaining a few pounds here and there lately, and I gotta say he looks even cuter with the extra pudge. This certainly raised a question in my mind... 'If he ate even more fattening foods, would that make him even cuter?' Well...I just had to find out. For SCIENCE. >:O

One innocent invitation to my home later, and I had the iggywulf riiight where I wanted him... "I need you to try out a few things I cooked up." I said slyly, letting my friend relax on the carpeted floor. I received no resistance up until I carted out the stacks and stacks of sweets and cakes and confectioneries I had prepared ahead of time.

"Uhhh...I don't think I can eat all that..." the igwulf wavered, his long tail waving confusedly.

I simply smiled, resting a footpaw on his pudgy belly...rubbing his gut, but also holding him still. "Oh, I've seen how you can eat... So I really do think you can..." I grinned toothily, grabbing two trays of cake in each paw. "Plus, I spent so much time preparing this... You can at least try to eat it all, right?" 0:3

Reed opened his mouth, perhaps to protest, but that was quite literally the only opening I needed. I sleekly and quickly shoved one of the trays into his face, stuffing the tray's cherry cheesecake right into his maw! His cheeks bulged and his jaws widened easily - this WAS a vorish igwulf, after all, and his body was used to consuming even larger things than this. Soon he swallowed, perhaps reflexively, wriggling his body as if trying to get up.

I wasn't a strong reptile by any means, but I was a fat one, and by shifting all my weight to my foot, I certainly had him stuck there! "Oh, don't worry Reedy! This is all for science, you know. Findin' out just how much an igwulf can consume... It'll be fun!" I snickered, perhaps a little more evilly than I should've, and curled my toes against his belly as it expanded out with the cheesecake. I readied the second tray, withdrawing the now-empty cheesecake tray from his panting mouth.

"And now for some chocolate cake, dear friend...!" ;3~

Oh my my, this was a fun two-part series! ^..^ I commissioned this of my friend   eyecandy a little while back. Reed has been getting a bit into the fatfur interest as of late, and I figured a great way to celebrate that would be to...well...fatten him up to the brim, ehehe! <3 EyeCandy did a fantastic job on this 2 part series, I gotta say!

Oh, and don't worry, I'm not normally this... insistent...with Reed. xD I'm just a...mischievous fellow, sometimes. <3 <3