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More Than You Can Chew... - by Diorexity by Charem

More Than You Can Chew... - by Diorexity


15 April 2017 at 05:57:34 MDT

Myuumitsu can be quite the hungry fellow! Of course, he's just a little Minccino, barely over a foot tall. He looks more...delectable...than predatorial. :P

So I couldn't help but chuckle when the little Pokemon called ME a "decent snack". Like he could swallow me down - his little jaws wouldn't be able to stretch apart THAT far apart. I let him know it gently - that I was just too far out of his league, that he should stick to Rattatas or something for his vorish tendencies.

"Oh yeah? Watch this!" said the chinchilla, opening his drooling maw wide before pouncing me. I didn't even struggle, letting the Minccino nom over my snout. His over-eagerness would teach him his limits soon enough, I figured...

The little creature soon had stuffed his cheeks with my face, then my head... But he'd learn his limits soon...

My paws were shoved in alongside my head, then both my arms at once were sucked down with a more powerful gulp than I had anticipated the little guy to have. But soon...he'd...learn...?

It wasn't until my shoulders popped past his lips and my back was becoming coated in his drool that I began to understand... Myuu isn't just all talk... And when he says he's hungry, he means it. o.O;

This image was drawn up by   Diorexity a little while back! =3 I really appreciate Dio's effort on this one - he's not one to usually do small-pred/large-prey situations.

Myuu is of course the star of this, as I kind of owed him a gift, so... =P I must say, Myuu is one of the few people to claim to be as (or more!) vorishly-capable than me. ;P I don't mind too much, considering he can also obviously back this claim up...!