Climbing Out of Bed - by SolidScale by Charem

Climbing Out of Bed - by SolidScale


15 April 2017 at 01:47:42 MDT

After giving me a warm and restful place to sleep, my predator,   SolidScale, ripples his muscles around me, pulling me back up his throat... Hurking and glurping, his regurgitation soon pulls my slimy form from his maw, the dragon panting in a mix of exhaustion and enjoyment of the activity. I shiver a bit as I come into contact with the outside air after my time of being in protective solitude, my shiny hide dripping of his slimy but harmless belly-fluids...

This was drawn by   SolidScale...the big fella has been into the idea of regurgitating prey and showcasing that regurgitation. =3 I've always been very big on vore with the prey being let out afterward, but never really thought much about the act of prey removal. Solid got me much more into the idea, and now I see it as a cute, loving fetish of its own. ^^