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What Once Was Eden Chapter 6 Part 2 of 3 by Chaaya.Chandra

What Once Was Eden Chapter 6 Part 2 of 3


What Once was Eden is Book Two of A Ship Called Hope, the prequal trilogy to my Sajani Tails series. The books are part of the Terah game world by Rossi Publishing Games. You can find the print and digital versions of the first book here. The Amazon Kindle version is also available, as well as one for Apple Books. You can search Chaaya Chandra to find me.

The books posted here are not self contained so you'll want to start on book one Fugitive's Trust. (Also called A Ship Called Hope, the original title) Fur Affinity or Weasyl.

Before she rose to be the pirate queen of Terah, Sajani was a rather selfish and uncaring petty criminal. Sent to Rhidayar to go to school, the fifteen year old wants nothing more than to return home to her friends and continue her shadowy lifestyle.

When the chance presents itself, she takes up with an escaped vykati slave and tries to make her way back to Drtithen. What should be a difficult trip quickly turns deadly when the human nation not only mounts an all out assault on the young pair, but also begins to prepare to go to war with Vharkylia.

Notes on the previous installment.
One interesting challenge with this trilogy wasn't exactly planned. It was more something that happened, possibly on a subconscious level, but more likely just completely unplanned. You don't see the villians. You can't. The real villians are fear and distrust. It's part of a central concept for the design of Terah: there is no inherent evil. I've talked a little about it before. Faux Scent has an evil character in it, so it's not something that doesn't exist in the world, but it is something that is chosen on an individual level and most are good. You learn about the King of Rhidayar's motivations in the next book, but he actually has a good reason for what he's doing. Zant's motivations pretty much remain a mystery to everyone but me.

Zant is a good person. She wants good things for everyone, she's acting on some information that took place off screen as it were, but if I were to put that scene in, it'd drop a lot of tension that I need to have happening. Suffice it to say, she doesn't see Sajani so much as competition as just annoying.

Art (c)2020 Golden Druid, LLC and Rossi Publishing Games
Story (c) 2020 Chaaya Chandra and Rossi Publishing Games

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