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Delicious Riddle [Day 24] by Celesol (critique requested)

Delicious Riddle [Day 24] (critique requested)


A box without hinges, keyhole or lid.
Yet inside me golden treasure is hid.
What am I?

Inktober - Day 24 of 31
So I'm participating in Inktober again this year! - While doing commissions. ;w;

Its... gonna be fun/hard.


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    Awwww cute chickies <3

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      Thank you!

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    The answer is an egg, by the way. It was kind of obvious. XD

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      Haha, it's a really old, famous riddle from J. R. R. Tolkien's 'The Hobbit'!

      tbh, that riddle stumped me badly as a child. ;w;

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        I remember that scene from the book AND movie. XD

        "I have billions of eyes, but I live in darkness. I have millions of ears, but only four lobes. I have no muscle, but I rule two hemispheres. What am I?"

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          Ahh, that sounds so familiar!

          What's the answer? (I'm rubbish at riddles, in case it wasn't obvious. :P)

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            The brain. :3