What hides in the dark? by Celesol (critique requested)

What hides in the dark? (critique requested)


22 January 2016 at 23:05:29 MST

This took a lonnnng time! And a lotta washes. And I'm pretty sure the watercolour paper started peeling up? Oh well.

Media: Watercolour, sakura coloured inking pens, White ink.

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Visual / Traditional


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    What kind of critique are you hoping for? I can only think of a few nitpicks.

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      Anything, really.

      If people have any advice or nitpicks that can help me improve on my next drawing, than I'm eager for them.

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        Well, I guess it looks kinda rigid. I'm not sure how, but I suggest trying to make edges rounder, or more balanced. That, and some of the perspective, makes the pillars look a bit off.

        But while I can see these flaws, I wanna emphasize thay I wouldn't know how to fix them. I think you are generally more skilled than I currently am.

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          Thank you! I can definitely see what you mean, and I'll try and take that into account. Even if you don't solutions to the problem, comments like this help me get a generally idea of areas to think more about and work on, so it can still be very helpful.

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    Ohhhhhh I cannot stand when the watercolor paper starts peeling apart. Have you tried using illustration board?

    Materials aside, I'm absolutely in love with this piece <3 You put a lot into this, and it's beautifully evident in this piece <3 I adore how you rendered the eyes, and the stonework is top notch!