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CATastrophe Preview! Page #446 by CATastrophecomics

CATastrophe Preview! Page #446


26 January 2019 at 23:00:36 MST

Oh no... What has Amok been up to?!

Happy New Year all, in case you missed our new announcement: we've moved our Time Wall!
We've decided to move the Time Wall forward to the start of 2018! This means that if your subscription has not reached the 12.2017 releases you can now pay to reach this release! Everyone can now purchase all the content packs through to the end of 2017 even in their first month as a subscriber! As a reminder, you can see the current release pack for your subscription on the left toolbar on our distribution site, next to the project name to see how many additional months you can buy.

Check out our Patreon for more details:

THIS IS A PREVIEW! TO SEE THE FULL COMIC, PLEASE CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING TO OUR PATREON, we're quickly approaching daily page production! You'll see 105 pages your first month for just $6! and can pay to catch up to December 2017's content quickly with bonus payments in a month. (More details below)

For as little as $60 in the first month you'll fast-track the second year of the comic and more, seeing pages 106-270! (22 cents a page!) Releases from January 2018 onward are limited to one per month. (This page is from our December 2018 releases).

Please note, Milo's story has 18+ Content (with an option to censor those pages), but is primarily a romance story, please don't join expecting 90% of the content to be pornographic, you'll be disappointed!

We've launched our new $15+/$20+ VIP rewards! Two exclusive pin-ups every month, voted for and shaped by our VIP users and limited to that month's VIP supporters!

Please remember to check your junk mail and if you don't see an email after your payment is taken, please contact our team through direct message on Patreon, quoting your email address!

See all of Milo's story exclusively via our distribution server through Patreon! Higher resolution pages than here, even at $6!

For the first payment, you get the first 105 pages of the comic right away! Each month after your support gets you around 18 pages (less if they're multi-panel), which is around 30 cents a page! This number of pages quickly increases to 25 panels, or 25 cents a page!

$9/Mo will get you triple the resolution you see here! $20 each month gets you 2 exclusive adult pin-up images, which you vote on, and preview sketches, on top of highest tier resolution (x5 this!).

Please note that the "Early Bird" payment options are only for older members!

New supporters can fast-track through the second year of the comic's releases, buying multiple months up to page 270 (December 2017's releases), you can get as much as 270 pages in the first month for as little as $60 (more for higher resolutions). This caps at the December 2017's release, which will then slow to month-at-a-time releases again.

This comic is a real labor of love for us and your support is what makes it possible to be making a page nearly every day. If you'd like to receive chapters in their completion and help support the comic, you can visit our Patreon account at

We really appreciate it!

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