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Gasbound by casual-dhole



Going to release this one first. It runs on HTML5 and javascript, so it should work ok with chrome, and I've spent the past few days fixing out the bugs that could happen when using firefox.

Ok, so in essence, it plays like a single-player board game.


Wait, don't leave yet, it's a bit better than how that sounds D:

But if you do like certain styles of text-adventure games or adventure game books this might interest you.

Also as much as I think it should play well, there might still be bugs so if you find anything that looks funky let me know :3

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    This was hella fun! I got stuck tho I played for ~20mins and went thru a ton of doors until I simply didn't load a new room! I can still open my inventory and handbook and such but just no board for me

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      Hmmmmmmmmm, I thought I fixed that ahahaha. It's basically the roomCounter has gone to like -1 or something, I'll have to look into that again.

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        Still a fun time and I'm def gunna fiddle with it more today! keep up the great work on your games <3

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    Same here, it's very fun to play, but unfortunately you can only play for so long...
    I might have found a problem though, I never took damage from fights. I damaged myself on a heavy iron doors hinges, but... a pair of lizards and a robot hound could never hit me. Just thought I'd throw that out for you.

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      Aw thanks ~ But yea it's only meant to be like one of those short games you run through once or twice and just have fun. Currently there're only 35 unique room events, but it's made so I could add more events should I have the time.
      Also yea due to the nature of the game being dice and luck you could breeze through a lot of the fights. I'm hesitant to change the numbers because the alternative feel like the fights would be too punishing and there are a number of fights.

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    I messaged (or something IDK) on Tumblr but I figured out a bit more about my glitch.

    When you enter a room where something happens immediately, if you ignore the message and click on the door to move on, you still have to go through the whole automatic sequence in the room before you can do anything else. But that door interaction message still stays valid, and can't be exited out from. So it's just going to stay there, and you have to scroll up on the message pane to find the "open door" button you need to hit. Otherwise you can click all over and not find anything to interact with, so it seems like a glitch where you can't do anything.

    As for my overall impressions, I did quite enjoy what's there but it seems a tad... undercooked, maybe? I only played through fully once (the first run ended when a spooky cloaked thing appeared and I thought staring at it would do something other than instakill me) but the whole experience felt a bit too linear and not very dynamic, and I ran into most of the same stuff on my second run that I ran into in the first. There's never more than one door to move through and you're always forced to go forward, you can't move around the rooms freely and most rooms have only one or two simple things to interact with, so it feels kind of empty as it stands currently. Money and resources in general never really felt important enough, too. I could never earn money and there didn't seem to be more than a couple ways to spend it. Trying to tear apart downed machines always resulted in getting hurt so I never saw how much I'd earn from that, but the shopkeepers always had really useless-sounding items priced way higher than I could afford, so I didn't feel like I was missing out either. I'd like to see more, to see it made deeper and maybe more complex in scope perhaps. It's a nice aesthetic and what is there is compelling enough that I'd love to see more done with it.

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      Ooo er, I'm not sure if I got your tumblr message owo

      It's not really a glitch but I do agree that it's a very new-player-unfriendly-ui thing. There're a number of other things also that if I wasn't so far down the development line I would have changed it. Maybe I'll think of a workaround sometime in the future.

      Aw thanks :3 You're not wrong in the undercooked part but it is meant to be just a small game you run through once or twice and just have fun sort of thing. I might make a proper rogue like game down the line. The resource part sounds like a problem though, I thought I made enough events for that but all the next rooms are random so there is the possibility you can run through a series and not get anything.

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        Weird, I kept playing (beat it 4 times now, actually it feels like the end of the game just kinda pops up. Like even the golem encounter and beating the hinges off the end door never felt as tough as you'd expect for "final boss" material, effectively) but I never managed to earn a single cog. The only encounter where I think it might be possible is the downed robo-dog, where you can open its body, head and paw. I think I always failed the body one (every time I tried, I got the "more broken than a PC port of Dark Souls" and lost health) but I'm guessing that's a place where you can earn some if you get a success on that. (though IDK, I don't remember there being a roll on that one. From what I can tell after maybe 7 attempts, events always play out the same unless you make a different choice or a roll turns out differently)

        There are some neat ideas in there; I really like the concept of luck and the absurd silliness seems to mix well with the occasionally dark atmosphere. I think it could use some more randomization (like I mentioned with events - things like the mirror event always turn out the same so players know nothing they do will change the outcome, and the raven always raps at you, and there's always the same result from your choices) and something maybe slowly depleting the player's resources as they go along. I had a thought, if you actually were able to move your character around freely and backtrack and stuff, what if you had some kind of "energy" bar that depleted with every space moved and action taken? Every time it hits 0 your health goes down by 1 so you need to keep yourself healthy and all. I suppose it wouldn't do much with the game as-is, but if you also revamped the map a bit so there are more paths to take, more loops and dead-ends and such, that... well yeah I guess I'm almost talking about a complete remake of the game at this point, but if you do more stuff like this in the future it might be good to consider~ ^^

        I can see a lot went into this game, even if the play experience is pretty short. But I know a lot of people would love to have a short game that they can be challenged by or sink their teeth into to discover its secrets. Even I'm wondering what's past the door that needs 4 keys... but the only way I can think of to get that many keys is sheer luck with finding a bauble machine before I find the door, and beating it senseless.

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    Fun little game, reminded me of Tin Man Games' stuff. Would love to see it expended on with some more added to it.

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    I have no idea how long I played, it must have been over half an hour, it was pretty engaging :D Quite enjoyed the descriptive text~

    A couple things, not sure if it it's intended, but I kicked the can till it just... wasn't there anymore? And perhaps making the space you ocupy on the tiles and that of others like, matter when it comes to interactions or combat? Also perhaps being able to interact with someone again or something after you finish a conversation or similar. Quite enjoyed it so far

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    My mother made it out. She enjoyed it. There is no greater compliment. 5 stars!