My Mouse Character - Main Outfits by casiphin

My Mouse Character - Main Outfits


10 April 2017 at 00:31:14 MDT

Character Sheet for Caelan Macian

Quick Details:

Sex/Gender: Male-attracted Agendered (Uses them or male pronouns)
Species: Mouse
Age: 20ish


Caelan is very curious about things, if left alone with a device, they'll try and take it apart and put it back together if it doesn't look to important. They are also rather shy around people at first but opens up to them when they gets to know the other person



  • comfortably warm places
  • Cuddling and hugging
  • reading
  • tinkering
  • any kind of tea
  • well made coffee


  • People always offering him cheese,
  • Hot places,
  • very cold places
  • milk on it's own
  • overly sweet candy bars
  • Having his Glasses taken away from him.

Background, History and World Notes:

Personal History:

Caelan has worked on cargo airships for all of their life, first they worked with their father on the cargo vessel the family ran, then they signed up with a bigger cargo company that goes to more places in their world then the smaller runs that their family did. When they were about 8 or so, they lost their arm in an accident on their father's ship dew to a miscalculation of the ship's drive shaft on their part.


They have their father, their mother and five older siblings (all girls)


Their world is one above the clouds of the very oceanic planet below, there are no known land masses in the ocean, they are instead all floating above the sky due to some process mostly unknown to the scientists of their world

General Description:

Height: 4'9"
Weight: 96lbs
Caelan is a rather short mouse, they stand at about 4 foot 9 inches. They have shortish dark blue hair kept mostly in control by a black beanie cap, on top of their hat they have a pair of finely detailed goggles that is made from brass and leather, the lenses on the goggles have some sort of readout providing more detailed information on what ever the mouse is looking at when they have them down. While their goggles are up like they are most of the time he wears a pair of black rimmed glasses. For the most part the mouse wears a brownish grey leather jacket and a pair of breeches to cover their body that is covered in short black fur. he has one white eye, that though doesn't have a pupil, they can still see with just fine and their other eye is pink with a clockwork type pattern in it that no one knows how they got, they have it since they were 5. Their left arm is completely artificial made of brass and copper, it has magical aether lines in it attached to his body to let them control it and to keep the arm powered. Holding their britches up they have on a belt with all manner of tools in it, hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers and a notebook, tools for whatever project they are working on.


They generally wear a short cropped leather jacket, showing off their toned belly and chest and a pair of breeches held up by a tool belt that has all of the tools they might need

Accessories he always wears:

He has piercings in his belly button, and in his nipples, each one set with a slightly glowing pinkish gem, he also has a set of three dermal piercings on the front of each of his hips. On his face he wears has a pair of black rimmed glasses and around his neck he has a leather collar, the collar has a place to lock it on the back, but no lock is currently set in it.

My mouse character's main outfits