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Hi there!

Do you like cute woof floof? Well maybe you are in the right place!

Here you will find that and more! I try to be silly and stuff, but I should say right off the bat, that nothing I post here should be taken too seriously.

Here are some other places you can find me!

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Other places you can find me~

on 29 January 2016 at 09:23:10 MST

I'm not leaving here or anything, but just in case you should like to find me or my art someplace else;

You can do so in a few places!

Twitter~ : I am usually pretty watchful over my twitter account~ It's the best way to know what is up with me~ Usually art goes up there first!

FurAffinity~ ; It's my main gallery! I post most all of my art here first... aside from maybe twitter...

Tumblr~ : This is really new still, so there isn't much there, but I would really like to do a little ask blog as a fun side project~ That should be starting soon!
You can ask me questions here! [url=]Link![/url]

Furry Network~ ; This site is still in pretty heavy development, but I like how it is coming along~ I'd love to do more with it!

SoFurry~ ; Admittedly, I do not visit this one very often, but I will be catching it up every now and then at least!

Basically, drama happens all the time, I just basically want you all to know that I am available in other places too, in case you would prefer to follow me someplace else instead! c:

If you have any questions, or suggestions as to other places that might be fun to post art, let me know~

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    Your style is really sweet and cute! I left some faves and a follow should there be any more art of yours. :3

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      I'm really glad you like my art!! ^^

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    Hi! So, uh... your character (and your style of artwork, most definitely) is completely adorable and very engaging! ;D
    Have a shep-coon's +follow. :3

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      Oh gosh! Thanks for the kind words! <3

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    Thanks for following back! Your character is super cute <3