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COM: Goobuary Final Page by carnival

COM: Goobuary Final Page


Carni: Stee U for the win woooooo! We just got finnished rewatching it and Chex knows what's goo'd!!

Ry: Oooooo and we got some final goops for you all sneaking in the mid Macro/Micro March, we have Skytea's Chex, being the lovely blue goopy Husky flopping on the left of page, Fatedsounds dangling from the top right and bring adorable with their glowstick collar and JenoraFeuer's Lyta, a sentient charcoal drawing that has been made out of a charcoal based ink this time ('3


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Chex © Skytea
FatedSounds © Fatedsounds
Lyta © JenoraFeuer

Artwork by Erika V. March 2022