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COM: Goodusafication by carnival

COM: Goodusafication


Carni: Mmmmm yes this was super fun to draw. More of this please!

Ry: Wooooooah this looks so incredible my goodness, I am adoring how their are bulging at the base of their body where gravity is pooling their newfound gooness and gosh there are so many friendly snakes that curl and hiss along their still shifting body.
I am a sucker for tiny sneak mouths and their cheeky little influences and this has many of them, gosh aren't they so cute and slithery, they know what's going on and just won't tell Dauz until she's already fully goo and fully medusa X3333

Malorek you have great tastes X333


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Dauz © Malorek

Artwork by Erika V. March 2022