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PERSONAL: Fizzy Booteh by carnival

PERSONAL: Fizzy Booteh


[The clothes less version can be found on Furaffinity]

Carni: Something fun and sugar-dense for the last 'goo month' theme of my Tango character! :>

(finally some new proper full body art of her without the 'slices' through!) X3

Ry: Hahahaha yeah, it's atually kinda strange seeing her all in one piece like this actually XD

Looks amazing those, that fizzy almost glow inside her body and thye the way her paws scinitlate with the bubbles is incredible. And not to mention that pose which is all kinds of good for showing off her booty and legs, but still revealing a mjority of the upper body too. It's a really nice piece ('3 (Also eeeee fluffy fizzy bunny tail pompf ^--^)


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*Drawn up in CSP

Artwork and Tango by Erika V. March 2022