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COM: Creature Comforts by carnival

COM: Creature Comforts


Carni: Triggerbeast's gal Salina getting super close with Tyranno'Tony with him Transformed down into a Dino-hoodie! πŸ’•

Ry: Eeeeee this is so adorable my gosh. little cutie Tony'saurus being made into such a comfy and cute sweater hoodie with matching tail X3 It's just so cute my gosh, now I want to turn all my friends into clothes so do just this ('3333

Carni: Can't express enough how much the sudden resurgence of 'Dino-Hoodies' is giving my SUCH a smile \X3

(Mewfanatic! LOOK what you've gon' n DONE! ❀️) XD

Ry: Thank you Mew for inspiring others to keep this trend going, and in this month's theme too which makes it even better!! ^.=.^


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters Β©

Salina & Tony Β© Triggerbeast

Artwork by Erika V, November 2021