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CROP: Flavour Fusion by carnival

CROP: Flavour Fusion


Carni: Very much inspired by this amazing artist-find;

SOOOOO Much colourrr and their Style is addictive! \83


Ry: Ohhh my gosh yeah, their colouration style is so hekkin rad, and you've really taken and made it your own with this. Look at how deliciously juicy you've made it with their inspiration ahhhh gosh it's so fantastic!!

All the fun colours, all the Carni expression in the fruit pins and bandaids with the fluffy shoulders and green ears but with Skylines blue, black and elemental striping with the horn caps and and our mixed eyes (Mmmmm more eye mixing, fluidly with colours yes yes yes X3333) and our minds still settling on how WE are defined ^.=.^

Also heck yeah we look amazing as a hybrid, although now that we've started you know we cannot stop right? There are much too many different variations and expressions that our creativity will not let rest until they have been explored X33333333

Carni: Also a great opportunity to try my hand with some limited 'Chat User' Colour palettes! :>

Ry: Ooooooo that is neat. Randomly perfect set of different user colours which is great, gotta see if people start chaning their colours on purpose in stream to try and make a palette of their own influence X3


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Skyline © Meltoria

Artwork & Carnival by Erika V, November 2021