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COM: Metal Angel by carnival

COM: Metal Angel


Carni: First of the YCH here pieces for this month thus far on the Dress-Up-Tober, featuring my own Stainless!

Ry: And gosh does she rock it. I sometimes forget just how amazing stainless is until visually reminded with pieces like this, such a great character concept behind their great colourscheme and vibe and holy heck the perspective shot on this looks so good ('33

Carni: The outfit chosen gave me light 'Bowsette Light' vibes! X'3

Ry: High heat punk rock spikes with black overtones, just needs the crown and you'd be set for a Boesette Stainless for real X3

Carni: — And for anyone looking to score themselves some of the Fashion-parade YCHs this month; (3# has been claimed already) but check out this post for the when/what/etc on the remaining 5 later this month!


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Artwork & Stainless by Erika V, October 2021