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COM: Thiccc Angel by carnival

COM: Thiccc Angel


Carni: Second up of the October YCHs this time for the Captivating MechaFox!

Ry: Ohhh my gosh she is so pretty!! The circuitry beneath their fishnet's adds a really nice splash of colour that really draws in the eye doesn't it? ^,.,^

Also heck yes for those golden gradient fishnets on good curves ('3333

Carni: This outfit gave me light Overwatch-vibes? :3 hence a loose colour schema!

Ry: Ohhhhhh yeah, that kinda material and colour does have some Tracer vibes doesn't it. Good catch and works very well on Mecha ^-^

Carni: — And for anyone looking to score themselves some of the Fashion-parade YCHs this month; (3# has been claimed already) but check out this post for the when/what/etc on the remaining 5 later this month!


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Mechafox © Mechaman

Artwork & Stainless by Erika V, October 2021