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COM: TAURgust be Upon Us! by carnival

COM: TAURgust be Upon Us!


Carni: RJ Proinking into to action to kick us off into this months theme~! X'33


Carni: SUCH a great characters to draw up THO \8'3333 LOVE them!! ❤️ ❤️

Thanks again so much RJ~! enjoy your extra limbs n dancey dance potential! X3

Ry: Heck yeah for Zebrataur, and your hair and mech arms are rad ^.^

Carni: Also! ... I have NO idea if it was planned as such or now, but CentaurWorld releasing on Netflix just in time for TAURgust is a SPECtacular co-incidence!!

After watching the first Episode the other night; that tumbled into being so compelling that we slammed the entire first Season~! (3

—First Ep sum' the premise up pretty well and will give you a good feeling for if that'll be your speed or not, highly recommend!

Ry: Holy heck it's so good what the hell. We started spur of the moment but it WAY more compelling than we expected it to be. Such good themes and comcepts it rolls through which is so surprising for the intial style and goofyness of the Centaur cast!


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

RJ © RJ-Pilot

Artwork by Erika V, August 2021