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COM: All Grown up! by carnival

COM: All Grown up!


Carni: Another Fruity-Themed (Personal+Gift pic this time!) of all our Anthro-fruit berries all a bit older but still all Super close to one another (of course!)

A lot of the smaller references in this are fairly subtle (and I think only.... 2 other people might be even able to guess at them at all!) XS

but y'KNOW WHAT.

Ry: Can't stop, won't stop Buckles in

Carni: •Shorty has picked up a bit of Sweet n Sours Fashion sense over the years!
(The two tops she's got on are, in fact, slightly evolved versions of tops I had n wore frequently in my younger years!) Sweet n Sour Berries fashion-sense being based off my own to an extent!

• She's dye her hair with some Streaks for the first day (also inspired perhaps!)

•The little pleather cuffs she's sporting were gifts from the Twins (in their respective hair-colours) and the little friendship bracelet is one that Todd made with and taught her to make when she was younger ❤️

•I imagine the locket contains a little photo of her (not quite, but totally parent-figure/older sibling) friends

•Her hair is getting ever longer as she's grown up also!

•Sweet has let hers grown out more too as she's matured also and sporting a more casual comfy vibe these days!
(Grew to be a bit bustier than Sour. Gently teases her over it of course ;333

•Sour hasn't changed at all wardrobe-wise 💕
(Grew to be a bit taller than Sweet. Lords that over her naturally X3)

•The Twins even got Todd into wearing some more outrageous things these days too!
<<(........s'got nothing to do with anything vaguely Kinky at all shhhhh)>>

•Todd grew up to out-tall the twins finally!Does his best to keep as bodily fit with good strong nutrition also (considering his more fragile beginnings!) I imagine him being a very good cook actually as a result (3

•..And you just KNOW that Todd finally got together with the Twins ❤️🖤💙 #POLYLIFE!! (technically a V-sected relationship, though the twins are pretty close and happily share him)

Ry: Holy heck there are so mayn tiny details you've managed to pile in my gosh. How do you make a picture with all of these, they must be added in incrementally since surely you didn't think of all of these details before beginning with the drafting... although you are crazy so maybe you did O.O

Carni: GOSH
I Love them all so MUCHhhh ahhhh!

-Any opportunity to draw the Anthrofruits is HONESTLY so fun to me~! ('3

really enjoy developments and intercharacter interactions SO much!

—All the interesting dynamics are just so great to work with!!

Ry: Poly-life add's so many possible dynamics it's amazing to see how they can all interact and grow with one another when everything is comfortable and communicated ^.=.^

And they are super cute characters, especially with all of Mew's additions they are really getting fleshed out into much more defined characters which is always great ^.^

Hope we continue to see more and mroe of them as time goes on and their selves and relationships grow and change :D


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Shortcake © Mewfanatic
Todd © Deezmo

Artwork, Sweet & Sour by Erika V, July 2021