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COM: Fruit n Friends! by carnival

COM: Fruit n Friends!


Carni: Aaaah I WILL NEVER NOT SO DEEPLY APPRECIATE Mewfanatic's SUPER KINDNESS in picking up Anthro-Fruit art-stuffs!! (3

Especially in this type-advantage Month we're having!!

Their own lil' Berry, (Strawberry) Shortcake, hefting up UntitledSpy's smol feral-vampy 'Blood-orange' FruitBat character hopeful to bring them home (to love and cherish forever)

Sweet Berry (green front bangs) has [already met this love danger-lass before] and has.... apprehensions

Sour Berry (black front bangs) Looks to just know a bad idea when they see it straight up! \X33

'Cuteness' having immunity entirely, apparently~! ;D haha!

Ry: Fruit's for the fruit month, art for the art buyers!!! And my gosh yes with little feral fruitbat's, wiggly flailing feracity. They look so adorably dangerous, restrained in their destruction only by Shortcake's tiny arms thankfully for Sweet and Sour's safety XD

Although what can they even do now that they have found them. It's not like you could safely release them back into the wild, they's already got your scent and will be back... a shelter maybe, to shelter your berry selves from this tiny beast?? XP


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Shortcake © Mewfanatic
FruitBat © UntitledSpy

Artwork, Sweet & Sour by Erika V, July 2021