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COM: Cake n Icecream & Soda, OH DEAR! by carnival

COM: Cake n Icecream & Soda, OH DEAR!


21 May 2021 at 10:46:23 MDT

[For the alternate foamy version go here]

Carni: A Biggie Order for Wolfman74!

This time featuring their CakeDrake + my Neo*P (Neapolitan flavoured feline) & Tango (the Soda bun)!

good GOSH THESE were SO FUN to work on! (D
Thanks forever Gnollu for the epic prompt and inclusion of some of my cast! ♥️

Ry: Ohh my goodness heck yes and yeah all of that. The inital fusion of Neo'P and Cake Drake looks wonderfully melty and somehow feels like they would still be chilly to the touch.

Carni: The big 'ol tri-fusion to the left in this I imagine have 3 'flavour splatter' tails (with each one having a unique blend of the two flavours that each 'layer' contains)

Ry: Ooooooo interesting, So three tails all layed up like the ones we can see but each section of it is a different mix of the three's flavours?? Sounds delicious and surprising XD

Carni: ..and whom doesn't like Cake n Icecream in general (3 (just gotta watch out for Pesky Soda-Buns that jump down the throat of unsuspecting ice-cream critters!

Ry: Hahahaha yes that is an amazing shot hiding the the middle there, Tango's leg's dangling out from sucha forceful dive into their gullet XP (The cryby eyes always make me smile)

Carni: ... .. .. .. .. still REMISS that we only thought of giving them 2 extra limbs again for a TRUE fizzy 'Spider' gag! X3


Ry: Ahhh right, gotta get the eight limbs for a true icecream 'Spider' next time for sure. Although this mix has cake in it too so maybe you aren't rocking a spider but a delicious scorpion instead?? (Big spikey cake tail and two icecream pincers ^,.,^)


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Cake Drake © Wolfman74

Artwork, Tango & Neo'P by Erika V, May 2021