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COM: Fae'April Easter Scribbly Page 2 by carnival

COM: Fae'April Easter Scribbly Page 2


8 April 2021 at 07:04:56 MDT

Carni: And the Second page of the first day; a group piccu for Icecreamnoodle! and some more personal scrappy personal sticker-artz! X'3

Icecream chillin' with a bunch of my characters (Neo*P, Stainless and Woof!)

Ry: Holy heck your scappy, single tone gradient style makes for SUCH lovely cuddle pieces. I'm reminded of your piece a little while ago from Malorek that was also super cuddly, friendly yet this has higher energy cuddles ('3

Carni:Carni with some Poooojy Poojy-thighs, some sticker-expressions that I keep reaching for on Telegram & a few mo' gifties for Ry~! X'333

Ry: Hahhah yes!! Moar Pooj thighs, more Pooj noms yeaaaaaah ^,.,^ And they come in such action figure stance Bounces the Carni-Pooj up and down in little wee-woo squatting motions XD

Ahhhh yes telegram stickers, they come up in use a lot more frequently than you'd sometimes expect, especially tipped hat Carni, most useful indeed. And my goodness that adorable as heck long tailed Pink Skyline is so gosh darn cute and lovely and I keep using that sticker a lot!!!

Carni:..and yes! there is a [telegram channel with daily content!] !
Sticker packs can be found [here] and [here] !


Ry: YESSSSSSS SUMMON THE METERORS!!!!!!!! Every problem can be solved with the addition of MORE METEORS!!!!!!!!!!!


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Icecream Noodle © IcecreamNoodle
Skyline/Sphy'line/Skyphiroth © Meltoria
Pooj Thighs © Poojawa

Artwork, Neo'P, Woof, Stainless & Carnival by Erika V, April 2021