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COM: Aero Simple Pony Ref by carnival

COM: Aero Simple Pony Ref


Verison wearing a Jacket here

Carni: Finished up Simple Pony Ref for @ ninjakid150!

ADORable! X'33

Ry: Yaaaay ponies, and ooo those markings look cool, would work really well for IRL tattoo's as well if you wanted to display the same markings are your sona (Which sounds awesome and I'm not sure why I've nevre considered that before)

Carni: -Even ended up illustrating all their tattooing as a references and art-creation resource too!

Ry: Ohh that's awesome and useful, and by that I assume you mean you've done the markings on a side project for easy reference and use then.

Carni: Thanks for the op' to work on your bab 'Em!

^_^ May the ref-sheet(s) serve you well!

Ry: Yeah wooooooo ponies!!!! Heck yeah keep em coming ('3


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*Drawn up in CSP
Aero Mystweaver © ninjakid150

MLP: FiM © Hasbro
FiM G4 Style created by Fyre-flye

Artwork by Erika V, Feb 2021