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COM: 'That's my JAM'uary Scribbles Page 1 (Week 1) by carnival

COM: 'That's my JAM'uary Scribbles Page 1 (Week 1)


Jan 2021 Scribble Event Pix!


Carni: Some repeat cuties to kick off into the new years with! ^_______^ ❤️ ❤️
omGGGosh! (S forgot again what I was supposed to be drawing in for KeitaraHusky'! XS next time Gadgeeeet!

Ry: Hahaha, I guess we will eventually find out what it is you actually have planned to draw for them, but for now we get sweet Hybrids of their Icecream Noodle and your Woof, making them extra parts snake for good measure ('3

Carni: Adora'Cattie'boy Tinker also for Bento!

Ry: Tinker is super cute my goodness, look at those lovely paws and that cheeky tongue poking out. Adoreable as heck ^,.,^

Carni: d35tr0y3r1 SKUNK LOONK Edition!

Ry: SKUNKTUARS!!!!!! Taurs are already amazing but addings skunks is always good so heck yes for this ('3

Carni: And the first public appearance of Jellydog's Kaffir's sweetie-squeeze; actual JAM ('3

Ry: A hidden romantic at heart, Kaffir and Jam have been going steady for weeks now <3


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

IcecreamNoodle © KeitaraHusky
Tinker © Bento
DestTheSkunk © d35tr0y3r1
Kaffir, Jam Boyfriend © Jellydog

Woof Artwork by Erika V, Jan 2021