First Art Scribbles of 2021! ♥️ by carnival

First Art Scribbles of 2021! ♥️


8 January 2021 at 11:19:08 MST

A few personal scribblets to kick off into the new year

Carni: •the Return of Space-Ranger Carnu

Ry: She is coming up more and more often, it seems you have a preference for your spacey vaporwave self then?

Carni: •A few 'Night Wolf' inspired scribblies of (more a concept I imagined in my minds-eye of myself being generally more awake and vigil protection sentinel for the 'rest of the pack/housemates' whilst they sleep in the wee hours) .. WHICH OUR WONDERFUL HOUSEMATE jellydog WENT AND GOT DRAWN FOR ME not to long ago. OMG. I LOVE. IT!!

Ry: Ohhh how she protects the night, the endless days held at bay while she arts up all of these wonderful scribblies for everyone, a dual service at all times ^.^

Also I adore the angualr deisgn to them, so thin and pointy ('3

Carni: keitarahusky DEFENDING themselves with TEEF-SHOTS! XDD

Ry: I needed this one explained to me, they were going to the dentist and the idea was posited that they could fire their weakened teeth out as a defence mechanism to be replaced with new better teeth!!!

Carni: •A first-look hybridization of my Tango and Raia's Shiraia characters!

OH. MY. GOSH THOUGH. THE AMOUNT OF WAYS THEY can be MIXED ('333 I am excited!!

Ry: Ohhhh yeah look forward everyone to that I am going to buy a whole bunch of scribblies of those two to see as many of the combainations as we can get since they look so awesome!!!!!

Carni: •........and a teeny tiny little for Elking in the top left Corner also X'3

Ry: Super cute by the way, tiny upside down Elking


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Characters ©

Icecream Noodle © Keitarahusky
Shiraia © Meltoria
Tangria © :icon Meltoria: and Carnival
Elking © Elking

Tango, Space Ranger Carnival, Nightwolf & Artwork by Erika V, Jan 2021