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COM: GenderBecember Scribbles Page 11 (Week 2) by carnival

COM: GenderBecember Scribbles Page 11 (Week 2)


Carni: And the Final Page~! ^_____^

Also the final Scribbles of 2020, and a hefty year of art it has been!

January Themes & Dates coming soon, THANKYOU to everyone that joined in along on this wild ride that has been 2020! We'll be seeing you again so soon in 2021, with a whole stack of exciting stuff to coming next also!

(Touching wood mebbe.....even... FINALLY.. that Calendar I've been so desperately trying to get around to for many years!?)

And the new Website is just around the corner also!

Exciting times! and have a Wonderful New years Eve and Day too folks!! ❤️

Ry: Holy heck 11 pages in the end what a weeked my goodness O.O

Finishing us off here we have Kokkinos's Zero getting some very close tongue time with Werelion Carni. Might wnat to be careful though, that doesn't look like she's just going for a taste XP

D35tr0y3r1 coming back for more, obviously now that they have a taste for the Skunk side of things they can't stop. And who could blame them they look so gosh darn cute and amazing as a Skunk, it really highlights their lightning glow with that lovely tail ^.^

KeitaraHusky is letting their character unofficial name be pulled into the light with their Icecream Noodle, noodling all up and over in an Icecream cone to make one hella tasty looking desert ^,.,^

And lastly TriggerBeast who is giving us more FUSION content with this incarnation of Zebra shark that would make for one very feisty combination knowing the two animals seperately XD

All in all I have been adoring all of the commissions you all have been getting and thank you all so much for letting Carnival actually be able to draw this much, you are all lovely and I wish you all a very pleasant and uplifting New Year ^.=.^


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Zero © Kokkinos
Dest © D35tr0y3r1
Icecream Noodle © KeitaraHusky
ZebraShark Fusion © TriggerBeast

WerelionCarni & Artwork by Erika V, Dec 2020