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GenderBecember Scribbles Batch 2 (First Week) by carnival

GenderBecember Scribbles Batch 2 (First Week)


This is the second batch of this years Gender Bending December Scribblies!

Alt version here

Carni: Keitarain full swing of the Queer'Cember Theme here! (5EVER LOVE their newest 'Ice-cream/Snek/husky' char to bits!

Ry: Awwww I know right, that colourful scaled patterning on their back is amazing ^.=.^

Carni: Wanted to go for a kinda 'pride duality' thing for their page :> (And the Scrappier flats are kinda nice too¿?)

Ry: Oooo I do like having the flags running up against one another, it's a cute deisgn and cute concept ('3


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Characters ©

Keitara, Icecream Noodle © KeitaraHusky

Artwork by Erika V, Dec 2020