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SuPa SpaKaru SurPriSe! by carnival

SuPa SpaKaru SurPriSe!


13 December 2020 at 08:20:30 MST

Finished up an Order for Merlin ! (Bought and gifted to them by TheSofox !)

Alt version here

Can see the Stream that was worked on here!


Carni: ADORE their character something fierce! \X'3

Ry: Holy heck yes rainbow colourful multiheaded awesoness yes please all of this!!!

Carni: Had seen the suit around on Twitter ahead of Sofox contacting me to pick up a present for their friend (who was getting another Char to Start with, then changed that up to this one!)

AND BOY HOWDY! Excited to work on art for them! šŸ¤©

Ry: I mean heck yes I can see why ^-^

Carni: The now-owner lives in Aus too! (so HELLA looking forward to seeing them around Aussie Cons once that's a thing again!)

Ry: Oooooo neato, getting to meet the people behind the characters souds like a fun concept ^.^


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Characters Ā©

Rainbow Triplepup Ā© Merlin

Artwork by Erika V, Dec 2020