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Scribblies: Bond, Mocha, Tide, Kradlebee by carnival

Scribblies: Bond, Mocha, Tide, Kradlebee


Carni: Just some personal n gift scribblers for myself n friends to end off a staff the other day!

Ry: Ahhh we have lots of fun scribblies today, I didn’t initially realize but Kradlebee up in the top left is actually enormous, look at this tiny furry beneath them… O.O The bumbliest of bumbleKra’s and so gosh darn fuzzy and adorable

Ry: And Arinaca ’s grem Tide has a really cool design in the bottom left, I am starting to understand where and how the culture around Grem’s has arisen/developed since they are really neat looking (‘3

Ry: Mocha, Carnival’s resident Mocha Orca visiting from upsidedown land in the top right, I believe she is to be the new Ko-Fi mascot which fits considering her namesake ^.^

Ry: And saving the most growly for last we have Bond2602 apparently getting taught some lessons in restraint with our resident Husky Lovedroid Stainless… he looks grumpy but I’m sure he loves it (‘3

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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Kraden © Kraden
Tide © Arinaca
Bond/ Tito'Ku (Ketoniza Dragon) © Bond2602

Artwork, Mocha and Stainless by Erika V, Nov 2020