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Com: Traph Xee Four Armed Discount by carnival

Com: Traph Xee Four Armed Discount


13 November 2020 at 23:55:16 MST

Finished up Colour Pair for Phantom!

Ry: Ooooo looking extra pretty in this one, easier to appreciate beauty without a gun in your face XP

Carni: -Initial Rodian Design might have been intended with 4 arms it turns out! So Phantomshotgun, in true extra-limb-lovin' Phantom Style, brings us this beauty that nods to that old skipped out on design choice :>

Ry: Oooo really that’s super neat I had no idea! Heck yeah for learning and multi-limbs (‘3

Carni: I imagine that the sneaky extra arm might come in hand for pick-pocketing! X3

Ry: I mean, maybe they did have four arms and just kept it a secret for that reason XP

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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Traph Xee (Starwars Rodian) © Phantomshotgun

Artwork by Erika V, Nov 2020