Gothic wonders by carlie-nuclearzombie (critique requested)

Gothic wonders (critique requested)


5 October 2013 at 10:18:06 MDT

An ex-college project (x meaning I quit college)

anyway I couldn't just throw this out half way before finishing just cause I decided to finish tafe it was something I was beginning to be proud of so I decided I should defiantly finish this.

We had to choose a theme and similarity between each object, my theme was gothic horror and the similarity was curved objects, we had to also do this in fine liner (ink pen) and use different techniques for texture.

All and all I am very proud of this!

I hope you like it as much as I do!

Art (c) Carlie-NuclearZombie


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    I am very impressed by the cloth folds and entire concept of leaving blank space for lighting edges. Good night.

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      Oh thank you so much for the comment :)

      I am glad you like this drawing, Im so glad I am getting good feedback on this! <3

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    You should be getting compliments

    It's stylised and detailed and clean

    And has pleasing framing