Spacefaring Cultures - Ailians by capthavoc123 (critique requested)

Spacefaring Cultures - Ailians (critique requested)


3 May 2016 at 20:49:11 MDT

This has been something that has been requested more often than anything in relation to "Transmission Lost" and the related works. For your edification, I present the first of a series of three short primers which will go into detail about the history and culture of the three nonhuman races in the "Transmission Lost" universe, the Ailians, Nuretans, and Pteryd. First off, most appropriately, will be the Ailians. I hope you'll enjoy learning about our favorite feline aliens! Stay tuned to learn about the amphibian Nuretans and the insectoid Pteryd!


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    Sweet, a species bio.
    It's been a while since you were last active, so it's great to see you're still here!