Bad Casserole by Captain Flowers

Bad Casserole

Captain Flowers

7 July 2014 at 21:54:46 MDT

It's sad but true, I was the only one who liked this potato casserole. My second worst piece in my concentration! Wooooooo I wonder if this one will get favorites like that horrible pizza one. Those were the worst in the inter concentration, but I LIKE THE OTHER ONES SO IT'S ALL OKAY. I really like the perspective, and the spoon/dish, anything but the food really!

Acrylic on paper

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Visual / Traditional


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    You know, I do really like this one. This is a painting style I've never actually been able to grasp myself. I do really thin, careful lines-like I do when I draw. I've always wanted to paint in a more carefree/sloppy style but I just can't seem to do it. ;A; Not to say your painting is sloppy, oh no, it's nice. I like the dish a lot but I have to agree the food's not the best part of it. xD

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      My teacher really pushed me to be sloppier and show more marks. But it's WAY harder to do at home when your teacher isn't correcting you, which I think is part of the reasons I don't like this one (and that I waited until the last second to do it). It's almost like you just have to get a lot of paint on the brush and just throw it around, I don't know how to describe it really. But yeah, the food is the worst part (too bad it's the focus xD)

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        I understand what you mean. I'm really careful with how I put the paint down, that's how my high school art teacher made me. Then I went to college and my instructor there told me to do what I felt comfortable doing, not what I've been taught. And she taught me new ways too. Working outside of your comfort zone is pretty hard but, in some cases, you end up really liking the outcome.