Avoiding The Tips by Captain Flowers

Avoiding The Tips

Captain Flowers

7 July 2014 at 21:59:31 MDT

My second to last piece, (in the concentration and in uploads, that's pretty funny).
My friend Hannah took the picture and I, obviously, painted it. Her mom was very confused when she found the strawberries missing and Hannah tried to explain what was happening. Aaaah, the life of two AP Drawing students.

Watercolor on paper

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    I'd say your concentration looks pretty solid :D mine was awful. Like bad pizza times a million. I was four pieces short of having a full portfolio on the last day. So we sent it in anyway :'D Don't ask me how but I got a four.

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      Thanks! And your's must have been pretty awesome too for a 4, even with the missing portfolio pieces! I feel like they just judge based on the concentration and not the breadth because I had a LOT of bad pieces in there.

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        Oh gawd, I had to resort to using pieces from freshman year for my breadth section. I was desperate. XD but your still noms are very impressive, I would've eaten it before I could paint it xD

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          This was me when I was taking those pictures and working-
          "Hmm, oh yes this looks half eaten- No, no wait. Let me just eat a bit more" EATS EVERYTHING "Well, there's always next time."