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Brynn Owens the Latias by CanineHybrid

Brynn Owens the Latias


29 March 2015 at 21:22:41 MDT

Allow me to introduce you to my newest character, Brynn the Latias-morph! She was created for a new RPG here on DA called Ferrel-Academy so we'll see how it goes over there... but I'm really in love with her design so either way I'm keeping her ;p Also Brynn's got an English accent. I had a ton of fun drawing and have always adored Latias, but this is the first time I've actually drawn one (well, sorta anyways).

Sadly much like Lugia, most of the artwork you can find of Latias, and particularly any anthro pictures, are either extremely X rated or generally unappealing :/ I swear, there's hardly a decent anthro Latias out there. WELL UNTIL NOW, I have done the world much justice.
You're welcome.

Byrnn, Art © 2013 CanineHybrid CanineHybrid
Latias © Pokémon/Nintendo