Dutch Angel Dragons @ Furry Ski Weekend 2016 by CanineHybrid

Dutch Angel Dragons @ Furry Ski Weekend 2016


1 November 2016 at 22:40:38 MDT

VIDEO (3min) -----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzDITGYkiUs <-----

Sonar and Tumbleweed hit the slopes at Copper Mountain, Colorado during Furry Ski Weekend 2016!

Totally forgot I was going to upload a thing about this to my gallery, this happened at the beginning of the year and I only recently finished editing the video so better late than never! This was absolutely too much fun. Definitely looking forward to snowboarding in fursuit as another side hobby from now on :)

Sonar © caninehybrid caninehybrid | Made by caninehybrid
Tumbleweed © flurrycat | Made by ino89777

About the event: http://www.furryskiweekend.com
About the dragons: http://www.dutchangeldragons.com
Buy the hoodies here: http://etsy.me/2dzSDOw