[ Concept ] Malagore by Candlejack

[ Concept ] Malagore


1 February 2016 at 13:59:50 MST

This guy might look familiar to some of you that follow me on tumblr. A while ago, I made a horrific base sketch to test out some colors for this guy. Sooo, yeah. This is Malagore. I know I have that other WIP picture, but my style changed too much, so I need to practice drawing him casually. I’m still undecided about that mask of his, but I got some back up ideas to make it look awesome (because I’m biased and I love him). Did I mention he’s the hardest character for me to draw? :/ I don’t even know why. Something about his face shape and hair that makes me wanna cry. I got tired of looking at him so I got impatient with this doodle. @_@

Anyway, I did something different with the want I’m sketching to achieve a certain look. Just in case it looks different that my previous stuff that I’ve been post. m00t. Until next time.

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