Thistle, Work in Progress by Candlejack

Thistle, Work in Progress


4 March 2016 at 21:56:37 MST

A sketch that I did. I got bored and didn’t finish it. It’s a whole body picture that I stashed away for later, so hopefully it’ll reappear again soon as I finish it.

I have been playing Pokemon Y and Omega Ruby. I've vowed to try and use new pokemon during these new play throughs. On my Y game, I had a friend trade me a noibat (after seeing how freakin' cute it was on TV) and I've loved it ever sense. Noivern is quickly becoming one of my favorites. This is how I envision Thistle, a relatively challenging pokemon who is constantly testing the boundaries of her trainer. While she has a newly found respect for her trainer, Thistle enjoys taunting her foes in the middle of the night, using boom burst to decimate her foes from above.

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