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Temple of Dreams by Caltroplay

Temple of Dreams


Older art re-post time!

I have tried and tried again to make an actual outfit for Kejta that would more accurately represent the clothing that the Northern Jykhotl would wear.
They are pretty Aztec inspired in design.
Tho very few Northern jykhotl likely still wear their traditional clothing, as they are hunted, and it's like screaming; "Come get me!"

There is a split in the Jykhotl species, Northern and Southern.
They both have highly different views on things, and don't get along or like to acknowledge the other exists.
Tho since the exodus from their home world, the Southern Jykhotl have not been spotted. 
(ie I am still not happy with the design for them)

I have been finishing up this piece during the outage, it was a while where I was not sure what to do with the background, and everything I tried was either really off, or just too busy. I am happy with it now. =^_^=

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    Oh man. That is a really pretty headdress that Kejta's wearing.
    you have such a lovely coloring style. ;3;

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      Thank you!
      It was an interesting challenge to design, Kejta's horns kept getting in the way.

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    The Jykhotl are so interesting both visually and culturally. I've always liked art of Kejta.

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    i'm very envious of your shading! its so seamless and natural. definitely one of my favorite things about your work! how long do you think it has taken you to reach this point, if you don't mind me asking?

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    Always a very interesting species to learn about.

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    Honestly this has to be my favorite piece. The detail and lighting really stands out and it really shows how much patience and skill into this. Love the character as well. Wonderful job!