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"I'd like a Supreme" King by Caleb_Lloyd

"I'd like a Supreme" King


Other punny titles include:
"Supreme Burger King: Z-arc"
"Breaking the Pendulum Scale"

Played some Master Duel and found it fun. This project sat for a while in the hypothetical stage until I saw this twitter post and decide to get rolling.  Pretty sure this is the only fat version of this character on this internet, but if folks know of another I'd be interested to see. The only analogue I can think of is Rayquaza.

A stylistic study of one of the Yugioh cards I thought looked cool. As a challenge to figure out the artist's techniques, as well as what the heck is going on with this dragon. We've got shiny green crystal wings with pointy blade things coming out of them, strange cubes attached to a hula-hoop, and glowing stripes that zig and zag.

Learned that this utilizes a ton of air-brush and masking. I was surprised how easy it was to recreate once I understood that fact. Found some cut corners studying the official art; those blade things off the side of the crescent things. A few were copy, pasted, and slightly modified.

Those are my thoughts; now have an edgy AMV I found on Youtube™.

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