Ottistraction! by Caleb_Lloyd



22 May 2017 at 15:44:46 MDT

Drawing featuring-- Featherfall Featherfall
Selden Selden---Bluedragon62 Bluedragon62
Talcott Talcott-----Kenku Kenku

Neat little scene I drew up as a raffle prize. The way it worked was that 1 person won the raffle for being a hero, and they'd get to bring along 3-4 party members along to battle. Another person won the "villain" role, so they could be a monster, choose a monster or be an antagonist.

So with that, Featherfall won the heroic party leader, and Kenku got the villain.

The main idea for this would very much rely on who ever the villain was. Kenku deals alot with transformative potions. So I wanted to change the heroes all into something different. Initial ideas were pretty similiar in layout to this, but getting the idea that birds eat centipedes really changed the picture's dynamics.

Selden's just silly and I needed something to fill that upper corner, so he got to swing in like Indiana Jones.

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    Will our hero's make out of this great peril? Will Kenku continue his rain of terror? Find out next week!

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    this came out very nicely.
    great job

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    How to have a heart attack:
    1. Be in a small room with a roughly​ 15 ft centipede thing

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      2- Be the one becoming the 15 ft centipede thing
      3- Become the 15ft centipede thing, and get attacked by a giant mythical bird