Quelatac Maquette by Caelan

Quelatac Maquette


7 May 2015 at 09:14:39 MDT

I made this maquette about a month back to use as reference for an illustration I've been working on. The legs and lower body were left rough because I don't need that information-- you can't see his legs in the composition of the painting. Still, I really wanted to have something cool as a decoration after, so I took some extra time on the head and such instead. It came out nice, and I've been missing sculpting ever since!

Since I get a lot of questions about the wings on this: They're hosiery over an armature skeleton, which is something I tried based on James Gurney's Imaginative Realism book. I then painted them red with watered-down acrylic. This was a total experiment, and the result was okay, but I'm going to try to improve upon it next time. After taking these photos I sewed the hose to the individual tines, which helped some, but looks rough. Which is fine for a maquette, but I'd love to find a solution for more finished sculptures!

The rest of the figure is super sculpey painted with acrylic, with some armature structure underneath. He is just shy of 7" tall.

I'll be posting the finished illustration early next week, and starting another maquette for my next illustration in the next few days. Check out my Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr for process shots as I go!

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    Very cool! The wings look amazing!

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      Thank you! :} Having them poseable was sooo useful for matching the perspective I needed for reference.

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        I am sure, I use photos of bats when doing that kind of wing and finding just the right pose in a photo is VERY hard, sometimes impossible.