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Commission: High Five! by CactusBloomArt

Commission: High Five!


23 January 2020 at 20:44:18 MST

Commission: Kelpie and Cactus Bloom high-fiving on the beach!

You are NOT allowed to use this unless you are the commissioner! That means no reposting, too. Thanks for respecting the commissioner's ownership of the character and art!

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    This is very pretty! You did a wonderful job on their poses and the setting! :D

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      Thank you so much :D I was really proud of the background, since I struggle so much with backgrounds!

      Kind of bittersweet looking back at the art I made in 2019 because I really like what I've made, and am proud of myself for my improvement, but I wish I'd gotten more of a chance to draw. I feel like I made so few art pieces last year. Because of my medication issues and physical health :/ But I'm trying to get back into it!

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        Just take your time to get back into it. I haven’t drawn as much this past year (which was insane for stupid reasons) either. I still have tons in my digital to-color folder, too. @_@

        You’re very welcome! Background improvement is a worthwhile pursuit! :)

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          Thank you :) I often remind myself that the moon has phases, so I can too- I can't be drawing constantly all the time! I can take breaks that last for months if I need to. (I usually don't end up needing to do that though!)

          Yes, definitely!

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            You’re very welcome! :)

            Just keep hanging in there and do what you can, when you can. ;)